A Little History About Our Brand

Pancakes have always been a favorite in the Carter family – they didn’t think of it as “just” breakfast food, and instead reached for pancake mix at any time of the day and used it for out-of-the-box thinking when it came to meals. But when Marquita Carter had her second child, she suffered from complications after delivery, and had to change her eating habits. They discovered that pancake mix was filled with bad-for-you ingredients, while the syrups that were their mainstay were full of chemicals. A quick pivot followed, and Marquita, along with her husband Deven, researched how to make their own quick and easy pancakes, along with delicious syrup, from ingredients they could pronounce. The Carter’s soon made it their mission to provide a healthier alternative to fast food and quick meals. 

The end result? Blanket Pancakes and Syrup, which is made from wholesome, natural ingredients. Taste it for yourself and enjoy the difference.

Mission Statement:

To provide a healthier alternative to fast food and quick meals. To show people that food can taste good naturally.

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